Useful Contacts

General Medical Advice

Health Visitors

  • Health visitors are so important in the development of children and they can do more than you realise! They can help you with breast feeding advice, any questions regarding your children’s development, or just a simple query that you may have. You can call them with anything you may need to ask on

Cardiovascular Advice

  • Whether you’re concerned about coronavirus, or you’re looking for information about heart or circulatory conditions, tests or treatments, This is the website for you and it is information you can trust.


  • This is the website for you if you have any queries in regarding how to best manage diabeties during these difficult times, with a fun and interactive website they truly do provide some very useful information

Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

  • These websites are incredibly useful if you have Asthma – with a up to date asthma checker and many resources available this can truly provide you with a lot of information


  • This website answers all of your Q’s and A’s in regards to epilepsy and any and all advice that you may need, is all there .

Mental Health problems

  • The pandemic is causing a lot of pain for a lot of people and it is very very important for everyone to not only look after their physical health, but their mental wellbeing as well and this website provides referrals, teaches about mindfulness and more. Please click to find out more

Elderly and Dementia

Cancer Screening

Sexual Health and Contraception


  • Pregnancy Care
    • This is a guide on how to care for yourself and you through out your pregnancy. Advice on vitamins, pregnancy symptoms and more!

Child Immunisations

  • NHS Vaccinations 
    • Any questions or worries about vaccinations? This website is the one for you, links about advice, what vaccinations you or your child may need, this site has it all.